• Abby Estevez

Freeze Your Favorite Sauce

Back at it with some tips & tricks for you!

Sunday sauce leftovers? Looking for another cheat for a busy week? Kiddos can't all agree on the same sauce for their pasta? Take a look at my little trick!

  1. Make your favorite sauce to the full serving size!

  2. Allow sauce to cool fully

  3. Label Ziploc bags with sauce name and date

  4. Separate the serving size you need per bag (I usually have a little over 1/2 cup per bag, for two people)

  5. Clean the seal of the Ziploc

  6. Push sauce down towards the bottom of the bag, and spread it out evenly

  7. Fold Ziploc in half to create a rectangle

  8. Stack Ziplocs facing opposite directions

  9. Place Ziplocs flat down in freezer, and once frozen they can be stacked in any direction to offer you the most amount of space!


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