• Abby Estevez

Quarantine Survivor

Okay, here we go, another food blog/instagram that has no business thinking that someone may actually care to read or enjoy, but I certainly hope you do!

What you need to know about me; I am an adaptable creature. I am not one to be afraid of change, but I am afraid of being locked up in a tiny cage, a.k.a. my NYC apartment. On March 20th I had to face the hardest challenge of all - free time. No plans. No appointments. No reservations. It drove me to depression.

You may think that's a bit dramatic, but it's true.

Like many of us, Covid-19 has taken it's toll. For me, it has furloughed me from the best job I have had in my career. It has pushed my relationship(s) to the very edge. It has kept me from enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. It has deported one of my best friends. It has taken away celebrations. It has taken the lives of so many innocent souls.

5 months later, some therapy and a great support team - I have found peace and motivation for a new adventure. A safe, indoor, socially distant, very delicious new adventure. I have forced myself to face this adjustment to my life, and you know what I have learned? SHIT happens - it cannot be prevented but it can be overcome. Hopefully with out gaining much more weight...

Welcome to Snacks Happen!

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