• Abby Estevez

Snacks Happen Mission

The idea of Snacks Happen was not just created during what some may refer to as a "rough patch" in my life; which happens to be running on 7 months now, and destined to last longer. The idea was cooking back much further, and with the help of family and friends... the idea became a reality.

Snacks Happen is so much more than a few great photos, and way beyond upgrading snack time.

My mission is to utilize my growing platform to help spread the love and joy of cooking, eating and drinking. Cooking does not come naturally to some, and others don't give it the chance it deserves.

It can be fun, it can be easy, and it can always be improved.

Join me as I share my own recipes, cook up other's, and most importantly...share something new.

I want to show you how I utilize my tiny NYC apartment for maximum efficiency.

I will share tips & tricks I have uncovered and learned throughout my food journey.

I will review some skills, both old and new, to help you build and improve upon your own.

I will teach you to understand flavor profiles so that you can create your own dishes with confidence.

I love cooking and mixing drinks for others and that's what keeps me motivated. I hope you find what motivates you, and together we can inspire one another to serve up something delicious!

I am very open to further suggestions and requests, please do not hesitate to reach out with questions and comments! Thank you!

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